Dads with “Impact”!

Football commentators have a new catchphrase, “Impact Player” – game changers that show up in most plays. Of course, it’s routine to have an occasional standout player, but those having significant impact game-after-game are less common. Because I’d been invited to speak to a group of dads, I wondered what an “Impact Dad” may look like. What are some qualities of a father making key plays “game-after-game”? Here’s what I found…

First, an Impact Dad is:

I. Powerful – I Cor. 1:4-9

Ever feel inadequate? I’ll admit it, I do. There are days when I wonder if I’m really up to the job of being the spiritual leader in our family. That’s when a reminder of I Corinthians chapter 1 helps.

Paul says we’re “enriched (lavishly blessed) in everything by Him in all speech and knowledge”. And he goes on to say in verse 7 that we come short in NO gift. It’s not a limited gifting from God, but a lavish, no-holding-back kind of gifting. As a follower of Christ, it’s His faithfulness (v.9) that compels me, and His equipping that qualifies me to “suit-up”. If I’m obedient to His voice, then I’m gonna make some plays.

Second, an Impact Dad is:

II. Practical – James 1:21-25

In college, I remember some professors teaching subjects they had no practical experience in. For example, teaching management, but never having managed a staff, or business without ever owning one. By contrast, I also knew some who were practitioners. They could say, “I’ve done this and…” or “I’ve tried this and…” – BIG difference!

How about you? Are you trying to pass on spiritual truth from someone else…maybe a pastor or teacher…or are you passing along experience? James chapter 1 tells us to be doers, not hearers only. Choose to walk in His grace. We can’t expect our family to follow us if we’re spiritual wimps and frozen in fear. Get in the Word, and get out there. You’re equipped. Make the effort to learn how incredible that is!

Third, an Impact Dad is:

III. Present – II Cor. 2:12-17

One of my favorite passages of scripture is Paul comparing us to “Roman Triumph”. You may ask, “What’s Roman Triumph?” It was a special reception honoring generals coming back from foreign battle with specific accomplishments. He must have captured new territory (expanding the empire), and inflicted at least 5,000 casualties. A large parade wound through Rome ending up at the Coliseum. The General & his Officers were up front, and captured enemy would walk behind with Roman priests mixed in. The priests carried burning incense, which filled the route with aromas of Roman victory. The smell of incense gave two very different reminders. To the citizens, it was the glory of Rome…to the captives, death waiting in the Circus Maximus.

Dads that are “present-and-accounted-for” make a significant impact on their families. In his powerful word picture, Paul calls us the fragrance of Christ. We are to live with the presence of Christ in and all around us. When I’m with my family, I need to be physically, mentally, and emotionally there. Distractions are everywhere, but my presence can be the reminder of security in Christ. Are you an Impact Dad? You can be. Romans 8:37 says we are “more than conquerors through Christ” and with Him in us, ultimate victory isn’t just possible…it’s absolutely guaranteed!

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