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Are Mormons Christians?

When having a spiritual conversation with a Mormon, the definition of Christianity can become a divisive point. So, what exactly are their beliefs? Let’s look at the history and major doctrines of their system to see how it lines up with scripture.  I. … Continue reading

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Islam: What’s it all about?

Scenario: While talking to your co-worker, the subject of Christmas comes up. Since he’s a Muslim, you ask him his thoughts concerning it. He says he believes Jesus was a great prophet. How do you answer? Obviously, there are lots … Continue reading

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Co-habitation & Marriage Math

Jim Daly & Esther Fleece of “Focus on the Family” recently posted 2 great pieces regarding couples living together before marriage. Both articles can be found at   Because I often come in contact with this subject, I have two … Continue reading

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Jesus Among Bumper Stickers

Scenario: In a conversation with your neighbor, you notice a new bumper sticker on their car. It spells C-O-E-X-I-S-T using different religious symbols, including a cross. You ask, ‘What does that sticker mean?” They answer, “It means everyone can get … Continue reading

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Egg Rolls & Enlightenment

Series: Consider this… “A Conversational Defense of our Faith” Lesson 7: “Egg Rolls & Enlightenment” Scenario: During dinner at a Chinese restaurant your child asks, “What does the gold fat statue near the door mean?” How do you answer? Most of … Continue reading

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