What can you declare today?

Sometimes along the journey, there are moments when I have to stop to ponder what I know to be true, and simply declare it. It’s the times when circumstances get confusing, disappointment comes, or doubt creeps in. Life is full of perplexing thoughts, but our God is steady and true. For the past month or so, I’ve been thinking about what I know to be true. It started with a study of 1 John (a letter all about “knowing”), and then intensified as our family began walking through some personal challenges. As I’ve pondered this in recent weeks, here’s a sample of some things I know to be true:

  • God is gracious, kind, and good
  • God’s love is pure, unselfish, and unearned
  • God always keeps His promises…always
  • God’s aware of the smallest details of my life
  • God’s decisions are right, regardless of appearances
  • God’s provisions aren’t just good, they’re the best
  • God’s Word is true, living, and relevant
  • God has never, ever failed me before…and He won’t now!

Those are a few of mine. What are some things you can declare today?


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