Blog Update for 2019

Dear Friends,

Thank you for reading and following. Each year at this time, I reflect on the path taken regarding posts made, and look forward to where I feel led to go. This year has brought a first. I’ve compiled the devotions from Romans into an eBook which is now available for download. Many of you have graciously read and commented on them in the past as most of them were originally posted here. Perhaps the Lord will allow me to compile additional ones as well, but I want you to be the first to know that my postings here may be more random in nature and not necessarily daily devotions. In the meantime, I ask a favor. Please check out the eBook listing and leave a brief review. Obviously, you haven’t read the actual book, but many of you have read the devotions in the past. Writing has always taught me more than I’m capable of passing along, and my hope is that I can better communicate the precious treasures of God’s truth through whatever platform He provides.

Serving Him together,


Click on the book to follow the link:

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...Christ-follower, husband, dad, minister, and chronic day-dreamer
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