After the Great Fraud of 2020, Here’s What I’m Doing

The event in November (frequently referred to as an election) left many of us with the sobering realization that a great fraud was perpetrated on our country by the very ones sworn to uphold the laws of it. Much has been written on the subject and it appears the political, legal, and media oligarchy may succeed for now in denying the American people their voice. However, the lingering question demanding an answer is “What’s next?”. In other words, “What’s next for me going forward as an American once this fraud is finalized?” Many things can be said, but for now, here is my three-point response:

  • First, since life will most assuredly go on, I will continue attending the needs of my family and other responsibilities in ways that honor God (whether current bureaucrats consider it acceptable for “the common good” or not). The reason why; I am mandated by God to do so. I will continue to teach the Bible as the final authority on all things moral, civil, and relational.
  • Second, I will continue seeking to advance a philosophy of life (both personally and politically) built around the concept of liberty. The reason why; God chose to endow us with it. Liberty is not something American patriots dreamed up, God chose from the start to give mankind the freedom to choose obedience or rebellion against Him. Our forefathers simply recognized that God valued freewill enough to give decision power to His creation, thus those desiring to control people’s God-given rights are rebelling against God’s created order.
  • Lastly, I will choose to look for the beauty and blessings in life. The reason why; it adds color, richness, and joy to daily living. Without pausing to look for those, life can become mechanical and discouraging because we live in a world darkened by sin. The beauty of a sunrise, the love of family, a warm place to sleep, the laughter of a child, or a fresh cup of coffee on a cold afternoon are everyday blessings. Life is filled with the glory of God for those looking to see it.

My friends, the challenges over the next four years may be great, but as one of the Mayflower passengers once said, “It is not with us as with other men, whom small things can discourage.” May we resolve to echo that statement with our lives and carry the spirit of liberty forward!

About cchrisholland

...Christ-follower, husband, dad, minister, and chronic day-dreamer
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