Easter 2022

Easter Sunday   4-17-22

Luke 24:1-49

“Hope that Lasts”

Intro: As a Braves and Dawgs fan, last year was quite unusual. For years…decades even, our hopes were stirred time and again but unrealized. Each year, disappointment and frustration were the end results…but then…finally…victory, and hope was realized!

Sports can be fun to watch, and for some, being a fan defines their life. However, there is little eternal value in it. Today, we’re celebrating the greatest victory ever achieved. One that included great challenges leading up to the final contest and different moments of hope for those following along.

It’s the resurrection that we celebrate today and the Lord’s victory over sin, death, hell, and the grave. It’s a hope that lasts!

Today, we’re considering moments of hope the followers of Christ experienced and how their story can help us.

READ: Luke 24:1-27

I. Hope that was Misplaced (v.21)

(Review v.21)

A. Personal aspirations were projected onto Jesus

(Sitting on the right and left)

B. National aspirations were projected onto Jesus

(Justice, validation, deliverance)

II. Hope that was Crushed (v.1, 11)

A. (v.1) The broken-hearted

(ex. Women grieving, but still believing in Him)

B. (v.11) The disillusioned

(ex. The men in disbelief-their plans not coming true)

III. Hope that was Renewed (v.12,32)

READ: Luke 24:28-35 (review v.12, 32)

A. A spark that lit well-prepared kindling

(The important work is the preparation for the spark)

B. A new perspective on existing truth

(The Law, prophets, Psalms)

IV. Hope that was Eternal (v.44-49)

READ: Luke 24:44-49

A. It’s hope that connects back through time (v.44)

(every detail, connecting dots of today to then)

B. It’s hope based on a forgiven status (v.47)

(No condemnation for those in Christ)

C. It’s hope that is empowered (v.49)

(To do Kingdom things)

V. Conclusion

Question: What about us?

In Colossians 1:27, Paul said “Christ in us is the hope of glory”.

What best describes your hope?

Misplaced? Crushed? Renewed? Eternal? None?

Today is the day…to be hope-filled!

The Lord’s Supper Observance

Prepare ourselves – I Corinthians 11:27-28

Observe- I Corinthians 11:23-26

Give thanks!


Palm Sunday     4-10-22

Luke 19:28-48

“The Know Beyond the Show”


In life we have divisions that help bring structure to our time and commitments. For example:

Work & off time

School & home (or free time)

Friends & family

We can unintentionally do the same thing with our faith. We can subconsciously divide the secular and sacred to the point where our life becomes compartmentalized, and the sacred gets separated from the secular.

Jesus taught that faith is to be integrated into everything we do. Following Him is a way of life, not a supplement taken occasionally to help us be healthier and stronger.

Today, we’ll consider this through the events of Palm Sunday

I. The Example of the Triumphal Entry

READ: 19:28-40

“The know is genuine declaration”

A. It’s a true acknowledgement of God

(v.37 Praise Him for who He is – Holy, Righteous)

B. It’s a true acknowledgement of need

(John 12:13 Hosanna! “Save us!”)

C. It’s a true acknowledgement of gratitude

         (v. 37 rejoice in what He’s done!)

II. The Example of the Passover Celebration

READ: 19:41-44

“The know is genuine observance”

A. It’s words that are meant

(not empty, shallow or mimicry of others)

B. It’s rituals that have substance

(personal rituals-prayer, reading, gathering)

(ordinances-Lord’s Supper, Baptism)

C. It’s offerings that are freely given

(not compelled or done for others to see)

III. The Example of the Temple Complex

READ: 19:45-48

“The know is genuine engagement”

A. It’s a personal relationship with God

(example of the Temple itself)

(better than the Temple in many ways)

B. It’s a kindred relationship with each other

(example of the inner courts)

(not just fellow believers but family)

C. It’s an influencing relationship with non-believers

(example of the Court of the Gentiles and outside)

(not w/ condescension but truth w/ grace & love

IV. Conclusion

Question: Does your life reflect “the know” or “the show”?