Meanwhile…back in reality.

A pundit once described what we call “wokeism” as a mental disorder. At the time, it sounded quite humorous, but with confusion on fundamental truths such as the definitions of male and female, one does wonder about the mental state of our society. While “mental disorder” may be too crass and insensitive to those suffering true mental issues, Paul’s words in Romans chapter 1 remain spot-on. He described a process where people “declared themselves wise while becoming fools” in addition to “trading truth for a lie” (v.22 & v.25). His words echo through time to resonate with current events. It’s mind-boggling to see intelligent, educated people deny what is obvious to so many, yet here we are, witnessing an active market of customers eagerly trading truth for lies. So, given the current cultural reality, what should those of us do who hold to “outdated” beliefs such as “humans are born male and female”?

  • First, we must tenaciously hold onto the truth and refuse to trade it for a lie. Whether it’s gender, or other social issues, the acceptance of an idea doesn’t make it true. Remember, someone in the ancient world for the first time suggested a stone carving was God…it wasn’t (even though the people agreed).
  • Second, we must avoid the trap the prophet Elijah fell into. Although he was a tremendous man of God, Elijah thought he was the only faithful person left in Israel, but God informed him of 7,000 others. Don’t start believing you’re alone or that all hope is lost…it’s not.
  • Third, we must avoid false premise arguments where “red herrings” and “loaded questions” are designed to manipulate, entrap, or deflect from the true issues. The Bible clearly describes the origins of mankind (creation), our problem (fallen nature), and who alone defines morality (God). It’s generally best to start with a true premise and work forward, as opposed to abiding a false premise as the substance of debate.
  • Fourth, we must take a breath and relax. Yes, the cultural climate can cause distress, but reality always pushes through, and the truth of God’s word will ultimately be proven true…if not daily as well.

In the meantime don’t forget, the fruit of the Spirit includes joy, peace, and patience. His joy…His peace…His patience…and that’s reality.

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