Sermon Notes


James – Refined Faith        5-28-23

Part 2 James 1:5-8 “The Asking”

Intro: A short recap

Last week we started with four thoughts:

I. The greeting of a bondservant

II. Joy is to be the Default Position

III. We are Reminded to be Aware of Time

IV. The Process of Maturity Takes Time/Events

Today we move on to “The ask”:  

READ: James 1:5-8

I. The Observation (v.5)

A. We must recognize the contrast of God’s wisdom

(as compared to the world’s)

B. We must admit our limits of wisdom and need for His

C. We must recognize His gracious and generous ways

(giving without criticism or mocking)

II. The Internalization (v.6a)

A. Faith is the key and is in God’s faithfulness

B. Faith is also trusting that God sees from a better angle

(His perspective is better)

C. Faith is also remembering His kind ways

(especially when it doesn’t appear that way)

III. The Implementation (v.6-8)

A. The wind is an external force driving the waves

(the world’s wisdom and reasoning)

(my will versus His)

(my goals versus His)

B. God’s wisdom builds a fortification against the wind

C. The end result is a God trusting, single-mindedness

IV. Conclusion

Question: Do you really believe His way is better?


James – Refined Faith        5-21-23

Part 1 James 1:1-4 “The Proving”

Intro: The “proving” process is part of many different activities for removing impurities (like in purifying gold), testing a design (such as a new car design), or placing something under stress (like weight a concrete mix can support before breaking).

James was led to write a letter that deals with the refining process of faith. It’s strait forward and densely packed with both information and instruction. Today, we’re looking at the first four verses and the benefits of trials.

Let’s take a look:

READ: James 1:1-4

I. The Greeting of a Bondservant (v.1)

A. James chose a humble reference for himself, not

(Brother of Jesus, Pastor/leader, etc.)

B. The letter addresses Jewish believers already saved

(in other words, “Let’s get down to business”)

(assumes reliance on God, not flesh to accomplish)

II. Joy is to be the Default Disposition (v.2)

A. Count (or consider) – remember it’s for a purpose

(count as an accounting term – ROI)

B. When – James tells us that it is going to happen

(not “if”)

C. Various – every type, size, time and duration

(and people are often a main source too)

III. We are Reminded to be Aware Ahead of Time (v.3)

A. Know – testing is an essential part of maturing

(it helps us to see what God already knows)

B. Patience – there is an end product

(other translations – “endurance” – “to bear up under”

IV. The Process of Maturity Takes Time/Events (v.4)

A. Let – we need to learn to trust/be ok with the process

B. Be – we are to desire maturity/completeness as a goal

V. Conclusion

Question: What’s the toughest part?

Keeping Joy? Being OK with the Process?

Dealing with People? Other?

Let’s pray specifically about those now…



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