Radically Forward…

After two trips through Radical by David Platt, the question lingered in my mind, “Now what?” While leading two different groups through the small group study, there were MANY conversations. Opinions are abundant, but the only place I could find clarity was the scripture.

Since Dr. Platt’s writing pointed back to Jesus’ words, I specifically looked to the Gospels. Honestly, after dealing with the substance of the book, I needed a lifeline, and here it is. Maybe you need to pack it in your spiritual daypack too.

Reality #1: Embracing Radical brings fear.

Take comfort in this though, the Disciples were afraid too. John 20:19 tells us they were locked up, hidden, and didn’t know what to do next. Many times I feel the same way, but His voice speaks, “Peace be with you”, just like in verse 19.

Reality #2: It’s God’s plan.

In Luke’s account of this scene (Luke 24), Jesus says everything had to happen just as they did, in order to fulfill prophecy (verse 44). It was true then…and still true today. God is working His plan, not mine. I need to relax in the fact the He’s in charge.

Reality #3: Only Jesus can help us see the plan.

“And He opened up their understanding to comprehend the Scriptures.” Luke 24:45 Amazingly, I often forget the simple truth that I need Jesus to help me “see it”.

Reality #4: It’s in His power not mine.

In verse 49 of Luke 24, Jesus instructed them to wait to be “endued with power from on high” and the world was changed forever because they did! His presence and power makes ALL the difference.

Going forward in a “radical” way can be daunting, but very compelling. The great news is Jesus promised to be with us, all the way to the very end!

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  1. This is a great book that the rank and file evangelical Christian needs to read.


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