Reflections on Father’s Day 2012

Is Father’s Day just a gimmick to sell cards and gifts? Some would say yes, but it’s really a great reminder of the unique role of Dad. It can also bring a wide variety of emotions, depending on circumstances. Personally, I’m starting to see Father’s Day as not only a day to honor my father (as God commanded us in Exodus 20:12), but to take inventory of how I’ve led my family since last year’s celebration.

To be honest, as their spiritual leader, there are a few areas I need work in and just for fun here’s the short list:

  • To quit making excuses for my lack of follow-through
  • To not let my son outdo me in talking about how awesome God is
  • To not let my daughter outpace me in inviting people to church
  • To stand strong for the right things instead of just against the wrong things
  • To offer forgiveness as readily as I hope for it
  • To choose honesty over my pride…every time
  • To model the Golden Rule more than I quote it
  • And to remember to put my coffee cup in the dishwasher…every day 

I know they’re not profound thoughts, but it’s a start. How about you other Dads out there? God has given us a great privilege to lead. Let’s “man-up” together and be who He’s called us to be!

About cchrisholland

...husband, dad, pastor, teacher, and chronic day-dreamer
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