Avoiding Heartburn this Election

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Like many of you, I’m concerned about our nation. This year’s election is important, but hope for political solutions often results in personal heartburn. It’s been a long journey for me personally (as a former news junkie), but I’m finally learning to fix my sights beyond politics. This is what I’m learning: 

As a follower of Christ, my first priority is to be authentic, not loud. Psalm 15 describes those who dwell in the presence of the Lord as ones who:

  • Walk uprightly v.2 (having sound character and integrity, even in the “gray” areas)
  • Work Righteousness v.2 (to facilitate right and pursue activity that spreads Christ honoring attitudes)
  • Speak truth v.2 (consistently honest in both private life and public)
  • Speak no gossip v.3 (even the stuff spoken privately as a “concern”)
  • Speak no ill of a friend v.3 (a true friend)
  • Keep promises v.4-5a (even when it hurts)
  • Doesn’t take advantage of others v.5a (lending money at usury)
  • Isn’t swayed by money v.5b (takes no bribe) 

Next is to be an influencer in the world around me. Phil. 2:15 charges us to be without fault in the midst of a “crooked and perverse generation” in order to be lights. Often I find myself wanting things changed, more than wanting to be an agent of change in the lives of those I know. Peter tells us to be ready to give a reason for the hope that is in us (I Peter 3:15). I must be willing to engage people in conversation in hopes of being able to share the why behind my views. 

Last is the question of honor. Psalm 15:4 says the one who dwells in His presence reserves honor “for those who fear the Lord”. That narrows the list quite a bit! Concerning “political heartburn”, this is where I believe the scripture describes avoiding the jalapeño effect of misplaced trust. Too long, we’ve looked to men to accomplish what only God can. Our problems are sin based, not party based. To be clear, I’m thankful to able to vote in November, but I’m praying for a mighty move of God in our land…it’s the only real hope for change!

Series: Psalms-Lesson 4

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