Jesus on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs

Recently, while reading a Christian leader’s blog, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What kind of posts would Jesus write?” Would He be direct? Sarcastic? Critical? Hmmm…I wonder. Obviously social media wasn’t around then, but there was social-networking, and His ministry was in full view of the opinion-makers of the day. Yes, formats and venues have changed, but human nature hasn’t. 

As a follower of Christ, everything I say, write or do involves Jesus. The Bible says I’m His temple, a part of His Body, and I’m not my own (I Cor. 6:19 & 12:12-27). So, since Jesus lives in and through me, the question has become three tests to apply to my posts: 

1. The “Like” Effect – “What’s the motive?” Am I sharing an encouraging or affirming word? Am I passing along something I’m learning? Or does the “Like” button motivate me more than I want to admit? It’s a subtle little thing, but its presence (like “retweets” and “sharing”) can influence subject, tone and content. It can even involve foregoing a post for fear of not getting “likes” and appearing foolish. 

2. The Whine Factor – Nobody enjoys listening to whiners. Whether it’s personal, business or spiritual, the temptation to vent frustrations can destroy credibility, friendships and opportunities to share what Christ has done in my life. Yes, as a follower of Christ, I should always be ready to share God’s truth unapologetically, but in an authentic spirit of love (Eph. 4:15, I Peter 3:15). 

3. The Value Question – Do I see my opinion more importantly than others? Yes, probably. Hey, I like my own opinion, but it isn’t always important. Contrary to pop-culture, all opinions are not equal and certainly not always welcome. With comment boxes everywhere, we sometimes offer answers to questions that weren’t asked. When in doubt, the old saying, “silence is golden” fits very well.

Ultimately it should come down to “Am I representing Christ well?” To be certain, there are times for boldness, subtlety, forgiveness, humor and encouragement, but all should be in agreement with Christ’s model. My prayer is to know when the proper times are for each and simply let the rest go.

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  1. As a new blogger I have thought about this a lot. I started blogging just because I wrote a few things that people wanted to share with others and it was easier to do so when they could just give a link to my blog web page. But now I have discovered this whole great big interactive world and sometimes question my motivations. Does a lot of hit mean a lot of people were helped- or was it just the cute picture or attention getting title? Am I representing Christ well- what a great way to deal with the questions I have. Thank you.


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