The Sarcastic Post I Almost Wrote

There are days when my concerns manifest themselves in ways less than God’s best; such was the case recently. It was a sarcastic post I was writing called “How to be a Mediocre Christian”. At the time it seemed like a great idea (to attempt a humorous approach to something heavy on my heart), but then I realized it was more self-righteous than constructive and thankfully it didn’t get finished. 

So here it is without the humor…my heart is heavy from seeing many Christians settle for mediocrity and “easy church”. Like a slow progressive illness, weakness has replaced strength in many Christian circles. Now, with that said, I’m not proposing an easy 1-2-3 solution or book, I’m saying I have more questions than answers so prayer is where I’m going. It’s the place I must go and here’s how I’m praying-maybe you’ll join me: 

  • Not to be one of the mediocre. Most of those in the “mediocre” category would not consider themselves mediocre, so I pray that I’m not deceiving myself in weak areas as James 1:22 talks about.
  • For His help in modeling what God’s best looks like. That may result in taking a step of faith through conversation, a family decision or lifestyle change. I may need to speak more/less and always in a manner that honors Christ to be effective in reaching others.
  • For those in my inner circle to value God’s best. I need them to be growing disciples so we can strengthen and encourage each other; people who love God and His Word more than the world’s treasure and busyness.
  • For those I lead to be teachable. People hear us through the filter of their own life experiences and predispositions. Only the Holy Spirit can break through those barriers to tender their heart for change.
  • For ministers around the world to be courageous. We need men and women who are tenacious in their commitment to Christ while leading. I’ve been blessed to know some like that and I want to continue praying for them, but also for many more to be raised up in this generation.  

Lastly, when you pray for others, let them know. Your encouraging word may be the wind their sail needs. As followers of Christ, we’re in this thing together. Seek His best and be strong in the power of His might! (Eph. 6:10)

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