This Year, Will it be Linus or Lucy?

LinusI’ve always appreciated the work of Charles M. Shultz…especially the Charlie Brown Christmas special. You remember the story; Charlie Brown was depressed from the commercialization of Christmas and Linus steps in at just the right moment to bring light to his cloudy day. It’s a recurring theme throughout Charlie’s life. There always seemed to be something or someone pushing him around when Linus stepped in to calmly speak truth into his life. Boy, we could really use Linus about now. 

What I like most about the story is Linus’ answer to Charlie’s frustrated question about the meaning of Christmas. He didn’t elaborate or preach he just quoted Luke 2. I’ve often thought about Mr. Shultz’s method when creating that moment. I imagine the temptation would have been to include additional dialogue with it to “complete the scene”, but thankfully he resisted and the truth takes center-stage. 

What about you? Has life pushed you around this year? Is there a “Lucy” taunting you to kick the football? Maybe you feel misunderstood and alone like Charlie did when he came back with the little Christmas tree. If so, I encourage you to seek out the calm steady voice of God’s Word. Sure, life is more complex than a fictional story, but the truth of scripture is the best source of strength when the world’s “Lucy” comes along. So as we celebrate the birth of our mighty Savior, be encouraged by these words: 

  • Jesus really does understand our struggles – Hebrews 4:15-16
  • Jesus literally defeated sin and death – Romans 8:2
  • The Holy Spirit speaks for us when we have no words – Romans 8:26-27
  • He has made us “Super-victors” – Romans 8:37-39
  • The peace of Jesus is unique and eternal – John 14:27 

Merry Christmas!

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