Are you settling for less than God’s best?

Occasionally, it’s good to be reminded of what God has shown us (as was the case with me recently).  This story comes from the 2004 archives. That year, I was struggling with direction in my life and the life of our young family. God graciously led us then and has always proved Himself faithful. I’m so thankful He did and still does. I’ve shared this a few times before and feel led to now…


One night I lay in bed, mentally recalling the events of the day. Nothing really unusual or exciting, just wrapping it all up. Thoughts drifted in and out; family, work and to-do lists. Once I made all the mental rounds, sleep came. 

I dreamed I was walking along a beautiful street as someone graciously said; “Welcome!” I asked, “Where am I?” He replied, “You’ve been granted a rare gift…a chance to see a small part of the inner workings of Heaven.” We then entered a large building with ornate furnishings. People were hurrying about their business and I asked the Host, “What is this place?” He said, “This is our Planning and Building Department.” I looked around and saw thousands of work-stations full of drawings, calendars and messages, with workers intently focused on their projects. 

“Who are they?” I asked quickly.

“They’re angels”, He said.

“I don’t see any wings!”

“Actually, angels don’t have wings”, He answered with a grin; “It’s a common mistake.” “Well what about this building we’re standing in, what exactly do they do here?” I questioned.

 “This building is what you were brought here to see.” He said. “This is where the Father has His plans for you drawn up and tracked by His staff. He has a Master Plan for every one of His children. His angels monitor things as you grow, and then make changes as necessary.” 

“There are changes?” I asked. 

“Yes, changes,” He answered. 

I wondered, “Why are His plans changed?” 

“Well, many times His children don’t like His plans and they choose to settle for something less, so when that happens we make changes reflecting it in the overall picture.” He explained. 

“Does that happen often?” I questioned. 

“Unfortunately, yes. I’ve seen wonderful plans full of color and abundance, reduced to simple black and white drawings with only the barest of markings. Thankfully there are others willing to trust His plan. When they do, something so magnificent happens that we stop for a moment and celebrate the beauty of His work…a child completed.” 

Just then, I noticed a particular workstation. The name on top and the elements in the picture seemed familiar. It was a strange connection to something words couldn’t describe, but my heart understood. The language was foreign, but somehow I could read it. There were old marks, new marks, and items labeled “Waiting for Response”. Up in the corner was a copy of the original drawing and the actual one on the table was me. By comparison it was very pale next to the richness of the original and full of things not supposed to be there. 

I looked at the Host and tearfully asked, “Is it too late for my life to look like the original plan?” He put his arm around me and quietly said, “No, that’s what the Father has been wanting all along. He’s provided everything you need for it to happen!” 

Immediately I woke and was back in bed. I knelt to the floor and prayed “Father forgive me. Please work your Master Plan in my life and strengthen me to never settle for anything less than your best!” Amen   

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11   NIV

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1 Response to Are you settling for less than God’s best?

  1. Joey says:

    Oh…it’s so easy to form our own plans. Thanks for sharing the word! I think I will go read 1 Peter 2:2 and ask for forgiveness.


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