Just in case you ever wonder if Jesus cares…

Jesus was busy. There’s no doubt about it, the gospels show Jesus’ ministry years to be very demanding. With daily ministering and traveling, there was little down time. If we’re not careful, we can let that mental image influence our view of His personal interest in us. So, does Jesus take an interest in our daily affairs? I mean, He’s still busy right? Does He really care whether my day was bad or my level of faith is strong? Based on the scripture, I say yes. 

In Luke 7:1-17 we see two amazing stories of Him in action. One has to do with a Roman Centurion’s concern for his servant and the other was Jesus’ unsolicited intervention at a funeral. In both cases we see Jesus very interested in people and their circumstances. Consider:

Jesus Observed – In each case, we see Him keenly observing. For the Centurion, He observed strong faith (v.9); at the funeral of the widow’s only son, He took notice of sorrow and had compassion on her (v.13). The Bible tells us that God is aware and watching.

“For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.” – 2 Chronicles 16:9a 

What an awesome thought. God is looking for opportunities to strengthen us if we are committed to Him. 

Jesus Responded – At the Centurion’s request to heal his servant, Jesus alters His schedule and heads toward the Centurion’s home. On the way, the Centurion sent friends to ask Jesus not to come into his house because he felt unworthy, but asked Him to just speak the word of healing. Jesus did and the servant was healed. 

With the Widow’s son, He walks over without being asked, interrupts their processional, and takes direct action (raising the son back to life). After the son sat up and talked, Jesus personally presented him to his mother and a great celebration took place! 

Jesus Supplied – In both encounters, He supplied their needs according to His resources (like Philippians 4:19). He gave healing and life, but also supplied:

  • Validation for the Centurion (declared as one having great faith (v.9))
  • Encouragement and provision for the Widow (she was without hope, alone, and facing an uncertain future as a single woman in the 1st century)

So how do these two stories help us? Well, for those of us who’ve placed our trust in Christ, Romans 8:26-27 describes how the Holy Spirit searches our hearts and intercedes for us with unspoken groanings. We can be confident that He’s interested in our daily life and that the Holy Spirit will speak on our behalf when words fail. 

Additionally, He modeled the way for us to follow. His affirming of the Centurion tells me I’m to take requests to Jesus on others’ behalf and believe that He is able and willing. In the widow’s case, He acts at times simply out of compassion and we should too…even unsolicited at times. 

That’s our Savior and what a Savior He is indeed! 

Series: “Thoughts on Luke” – Luke 7:1-17

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