3 Quick Reminders from the Seed Parable

One of the cool things about the seed parable is that Jesus explained it. Found in Luke 8:4-15, it describes 4 different results of seed falling onto the ground. A combining of the story & explanation produces these pictures:

  • The Hard Soil-no fruit at all (seed stolen by the devil)
  • The Rocky Soil-grows quick, but soon withers (fell away during testing from lack of roots)
  • The Thorny Soil-growth choked out by thorns (the cares & pleasures of this world preventing maturity)
  • The Good Soil-growth, maturity and fruit (a heart desiring to hear, do and endure)

Here are 3 quick reminders:

  1. The seed contains life-Jesus emphasized the seed (the Word) and the soil receiving it, not the sower. The seed itself produces life, not the one handling it or the clever use of it.
  2. The results aren’t up to me-It’s not productive to attempt forcing growth where it’s not happening, nor is it right to claim credit when it does (1 Cor. 3:6-7).
  3. Time is the test-Eventually, the nature of the soil and the response to the truth will become clear; be prayerfully patient.

I encourage you to be a sower. Whether it’s spoken, written, emailed or tweeted; God’s Word is life-giving. Share it today!

Series: “Thoughts on Luke” – Luke 8:4-15

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