Memo: How to Change a Person’s Day

You have the ability to greatly influence someone’s day for the better. I was recently privileged to have the tone of my day completely changed for the better. It was totally unexpected and got me thinking how powerful a personal word is. Truth is, most of us know what I’m about to say to be true, but if you’re like me, a reminder helps nudge you to action. So if you’re willing to help change someone’s day:

Communicate a word of thanks or compliment – A simple note, text, email, or spoken word can be the moment someone’s personal weather forecast changes from “rainy” to “partly cloudy” or even “sunny”. As you do, these two points may also help:

  • Be brief – Knowing in advance the note will be small, greatly increases the likelihood of actually doing it (instead of putting it aside for a time to “really think it through”).
  • Be specific – Drawing attention to something specific has more impact than a general phrase. Both types of statements may be sincere, but mentioning a detail speaks volumes.

Yeah, I know it’s not rocket science, but your friend probably doesn’t need a scientist today, but they could really use a word from you.

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...husband, dad, pastor, teacher, and chronic day-dreamer
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