Should Christians “Go Green”?

RecycleOk, before you think the cheese has totally “slid off my cracker” and I’ve become a “sandal-wearing-tree-hugger”; you need to know this post comes from wrestling with a tough biblical truth recently. It’s something simple that many Christians would quickly agree with, but then live a lifestyle denying it. Here it is, are you ready? The Bible says, “God owns everything.” (Psalm 24:1, 1 Cor. 10:26). Now you’re probably thinking, “Well duh! I learned that while finger-painting in Sunday School”. So, here’s the question, “As grown-ups, what does that mean for us?”

It means we’re created and charged with being good stewards of all God has made (Genesis 1:28, 2:15). You see stewardship is a key truth in scripture. From the Hebrews representing God’s truth to the world and Jesus’ stories regarding good and bad managers, to Paul’s commitment to share the Gospel; you can see it’s a lot bigger than choosing an “earth-friendly” yogurt container. It’s a mindset recognizing God as sovereign over this place we call home and having a spirit of gratitude for all He’s given. As a matter of fact, Jesus said God is mindful of everything, even a small bird in the sky (Matthew 10:29-31).

So what do we do? Become activist and try to “save the earth” from “evil capitalism?” Of course not, the Earth doesn’t need saving and capitalism isn’t the enemy, but we need to consult the owner on a regular basis. This is an incredible world God has made and continues to sustain for us. Since the God of the Bible is the Creator; we should acknowledge His instructions concerning the physical world, the people in it, and our attitude toward generosity. I can’t tell you specifically what that means for you, but I know it involves an eye to appreciate God’s handiwork…which is a masterpiece!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go out and recover my recycle bin from where the dude chunked it this morning after pick-up.

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2 Responses to Should Christians “Go Green”?

  1. summerpena03 says:

    Good post and something many people overlook! I enjoyed your posting!


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