Special Post: Thanksgiving

The Compass 365

As you celebrate, here are a couple of thoughts to include:

Remember the ones who got the whole thing started…

  • In 1620, there were 102 people who spent 65 difficult days at sea coming to the New World to begin new lives.
  • Before leaving the ship, they created a revolutionary document called the “Mayflower Compact”.
  • Their first winter was especially brutal and claimed the lives of 58 of them, with only a few healthy enough at any time to care for the sick and bury the dead.
  • The next autumn (1621), they gathered with new Native American friends and specifically thanked God for His provision.

Consider this quote attributed to one of them, “It is not with us as with other men, whom small things can discourage.” They were courageous people and here are the words of the “Mayflower Compact”:

“IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN. We, whose names are…

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