“So you love the Groom, but hate His Bride?”

I’m really saddened by one of the new trends in Christian blogging, which seems to be bashing the Church while proclaiming love for Jesus (although they prefer more spiritual descriptions for their work). Here’s my suggestion for fellow bloggers who feel uniquely qualified to cast judgment on the Bride of Christ:

“If you observe a pastor, method, style, or model you don’t agree with, just please go quietly and do different. I’m confident the Father didn’t put you in charge of the Heavenly Bridal Room where He’s preparing her, so please join the rest of us and get busy as part of the Bride (instead of mouthing off about her).

The bottom line is that God is still in charge and knows exactly how best to deal with His beloved. If you still feel compelled to do something extra, how about prayer. I’m sure the pastor down the road would appreciate being lifted up, and while you’re at it, please pray for all us around the world trying to figure it out as we go.”

Thank you

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2 Responses to “So you love the Groom, but hate His Bride?”

  1. Lisa Teague says:


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  2. Greg says:

    Well said…thank you!

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