It Happened on a Friday…

Thinking back on this today…


I love Fridays. They’re usually days filled with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation of good things ahead…but not so last week…

On Friday, our nation was shocked by the news of a heinous act in Newtown, Ct. at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The natural question is “Why would someone do such a thing?” It was the question I found myself pondering after hearing the news. We’re now hearing some of the back story of the shooter, which sheds a little light, but still not enough to really understand what caused it. As I thought and prayed for the families there, I was suddenly reminded of where I was the previous Friday and how I had asked the very same question then too…

On Friday of that week before, a small group of us were in Munich, Germany visiting the grounds of the Dachau Concentration Camp. After walking through the various displays, I looked out across…

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