Is Chick-fil-A Now Immoral?

CFADid you know enjoying a tasty golden filet sandwich from Chick-fil-A fuels immorality?

Well, according to some that’s exactly the case. Chick-fil-A was recently denied a permit by the City Council of Denver to open a location in the airport because their presence would represent a “moral issue on the city” and a franchise would generate “corporate profits used to fund and fuel discrimination.” Those comments by council members were made in reference to Dan Cathy’s statement a few years regarding the Biblical definition of marriage. Ok, so that means:

  1. The council admits morality should determine permits to operate a business.
  2. The council also admits CFA would be welcomed (hence the profit comment).
  3. Lastly, the council is willing to deny potential customers a product/service based on a moral position.

Now consider this; there are at least four Planned Parenthood locations currently operating in Denver and recent revelations of their heinous practices pose no moral dilemma for the council – and that’s outrageous. It’s disturbing of course, but not unexpected. So is there a take-away from this crazy scenario of twisted logic? I think so. Here’s an observation:

Moral standards not based on the Bible will always be subject to ever-changing cultural preferences. What was normal, assumed, and expected before, may not be so tomorrow. For a long time we’ve enjoyed the residual effects of a country birthed and shaped by Judeo-Christian forefathers, but we cannot rest on that any longer. Going forward, we “the church” must be willing to specifically cite the Bible as our source for moral definitions and speak the truth in love; or else we’ll just be people speaking sentimental words about a by-gone era. The truth is the truth; even if it’s called “immoral”.

Source: To read the original news article, click here

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3 Responses to Is Chick-fil-A Now Immoral?

  1. I agree with you – the logic is is severely twisted. Denver City Council has drifted to the bottom of the slopes there. Unbelievable – they have really started calling the truth a lie now…

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