Blog Update 2-3-16

Dear Readers,

Just to let you know, starting tomorrow (2/4) the daily devotions I’ve been posting to “The Compass 365” site will post to this site also. If you follow both, you’ll receive them from both until 2/10.  At that time The Compass 365 will end and redirect all visitors to this site.

Over the years, the discipline of writing has taught me much. Of course I still have a lot to learn and will be sharing the daily (and the random) thoughts in one location (instead of two). Thank you for your many positive comments over the years (you’ve shown a lot of compositional grace!)


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...husband, dad, pastor, teacher, and chronic day-dreamer
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1 Response to Blog Update 2-3-16

  1. Lisa Teague says:

    I really enjoy them! It is almost like we still work together……


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