Sometimes the word “and” can be a pesky little thing, like “The meeting is tomorrow AND the report is due”. Other times it’s a welcome addition, like “Grandma’s coming AND she’s bringing a cake.” When it comes to spiritual matters, the scriptures contain many “and” words too. Consider this one:

“Neither do I condemn you,” said Jesus. “Go, and from now on do not sin anymore.” – John 8:11 HCSB

The first part of this verse is often quoted, but what about the instruction part? The idea of Jesus putting Jewish leaders in their place and a woman getting a second chance are wonderful thoughts…but then the pesky “and” must be dealt with. There’s a temptation to conveniently rush past the fact that Jesus actually expected something from her after the encounter. To be clear, it wasn’t to earn His forgiveness (He had already shown kindness and forgiveness); it was to demonstrate a new commitment to honor God and not herself.

What about the “and” in your life? Jesus’ gift of grace is freely offered to all who will receive it; however, it came at a high personal cost to Him. Are you demonstrating a life of grateful commitment today?

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