Jesus understands the human condition.

And it isn’t some kind of general sympathy, it’s a thorough, all-encompassing compassion. Consider the shortest verse in the Bible:

Jesus wept.” – John 11:35 NKJV

The backdrop of the verse was Lazarus’ death and a conversation with Martha and Mary. So ponder this, if Jesus knew He would soon bring Lazarus back, why the emotion? That would fix everything right? The Bible doesn’t necessarily give a detailed explanation of the “why”, but consider what we do know;

  • He loved them very much (v. 11:5)
  • He knew the weight of their sorrow and identified with their grief (“A man of Sorrows…” Is. 53:3)
  • He knew Lazarus would be leaving the glory of heaven to come back to a sick and broken world
  • He knew their perception was limited (v. 11:21)

We can only imagine what He was thinking about at that moment, but one thing’s for sure, the Creator stood among us, looked deep into the eyes of the broken-hearted, and wept with them.

Our Shepherd loves us very much and literally knows what it is to be human. So, Child of God, if you weep; never think you’re alone in your struggle.

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...husband, dad, pastor, teacher, and chronic day-dreamer
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