Blog Update

Hello Fellow Travelers (long-timers and new arrivals),

The daily devotions will be returning starting tomorrow morning. I apologize for the inconsistent nature of posting over the last few months.  Over the years, the posts to this blog have taken many forms, including general commentary, apologetics, small group teaching notes, devotions and now a weekly sermon notes tab. Going forward, the plan is to start the daily devotions again (from the beginning with “Work”), post bullet points from my sermon notes each week (they’re on a static page and don’t show up as an email), hopefully a new series (a little later on) of apologetic posts, and then the occasional general commentary (just-gotta-say-something about stuff going on sometimes).

Thank you for reading/commenting/sharing. Many of you I don’t know personally, but it still feels like we’re traveling together. For that, thank you!


About cchrisholland

...husband, dad, pastor, teacher, and chronic day-dreamer
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2 Responses to Blog Update

  1. Lisa Teague says:

    Glad to hear the devo’s will be daily again! You know I still miss hearing your opinion, message notes and daily advice!

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