It’s been said that “blood is thicker than water”, but what is it that makes family…family?

The most obvious answer is birth, but then there’s adoption and marriage that also join people into the bonds of family. In each case, there’s a common link. For example, the parents of children are the connection to the grandparents, the spouse is the link to the in-laws, and in Romans chapter 8 the Bible says the Holy Spirit links the believer to Christ. Verse 16 says this:

“The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.”

His ministry is intimate and far-reaching. In the previous verses Paul says those who are in Christ are alive in the Spirit and are sons of God through Him as adopted children; welcomed into God’s presence as a child crying “Daddy!” Our Father knows, loves, and provides for His children; and in the common bond of family, we’re part of His household. We’re welcomed to relax in the “family room”, at the “family table” and at “family reunions” among other believers.

Are you living according to the Spirit’s guidance as He “bears witness” with your spirit? Do you have an appreciation for the rest of God’s family, or is there a tendency to act like an “only child”? You’re part of His family; take comfort in the strength of those bonds today…

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