Clay pottery is a common artifact found at many archeological digs.

It’s often a welcomed find for its ability to tell stories and reveal clues about who made it. Someone gathered the material, envisioned a designed, fashioned the clay, and fired it in an oven. The story of pottery pieces reveal sourcing, purpose, creativity, beauty and more.

As disciples, we too are formed by the hand of someone who gathered the material, envisioned a design, and fashioned the clay into something serviceable; however, the challenge is the “serviceable” part. Sometimes it’s simply from a lack of understanding the role, but more often than not it’s from lack of appreciation of the role, not understanding. In those moments, it’s good to remember who did the creating, and who still has the power over the pottery:

“Does not the potter have power over the clay…?” –Romans 9:21 NKJV

Do you understand your role for this day? Do you appreciate it, or do you struggle against it? Are you working to fulfill your role in a way that honors Christ? Pottery should reveal clues about the Maker…

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