Selective Outrage in Christian Circles is Driving Me Nuts

I haven’t posted much about the election, but the selective outrage within Christian circles compels me to. Some are saying they can’t possibly vote for Donald Trump since they’re a person of conscience and principle (even if it means Hillary wins). Ok, that’s fine, but if you’re one of them, please hear my heart. That position is the equivalent to painting yourself into an ideological corner. So now what? Your spending is a form of voting every day, so when do the boycotts begin of all the Fortune 500 companies that support agendas opposed to biblical principles (Disney, Apple, Facebook, Starbucks, Hollywood, etc.)? The ugly truth is, they aren’t. To be clear, I’m not calling for them to, or not to; just calling for consistency. You can’t get hyper-spiritual about Donald Trump, then look the other way because it’s your favorite brand or vacation destination. That would describe something the world often accuses us with…hypocrisy. And they would be right.

In recent days, I’ve seen wise, godly men (who dared speak about the serious judicial impact of a Hillary victory) be mocked and ridiculed by others in the Christian community, and it makes me angry and sad. Is that really where we are now? The bottom line is this; God has used people of many descriptions (flaws included) over the centuries to change the course of history. I don’t know about you, but I pray this may be one of those times.

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