“So Moses went down and spoke to the people.” – Exodus 19:25 NKJV

The incredible mountain top experience for Moses included many things; the Ten Commandments, instructions regarding worship, and guidance for daily life. However, once he came down, he found things back at camp worse than before. Those closest to him must have peppered him with questions about his time with God.

Have you ever been on the mountain? Have you traveled up and sought out God’s instructions? What did you hear? What did you see? And then, what did you find when you came back? Often the stuff going on “in the camp” can cause us to doubt what we heard on the mountain. Truth that was so loud and clear can become distant and hazy over time.

Moses’ conversation with God must have been amazing and he probably had many days where he wished to go back for reassurance. The life of a disciple can bring days like that, but don’t doubt what you heard on the mountain, and don’t second-guess God’s Word. There will always be those in the camp who don’t understand, but they weren’t there…you were.

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