Truth Among the Meltdowns and Tantrums

flagMuch has been said about the election. Ok, that’s an understatement, much crying and gnashing of teeth has been going on in some circles since the election. Within the Christian community the comments have also reflected many viewpoints. Unfortunately, some are more rooted in post-modern philosophy than the Bible. And with it, a possibility of missing the main reason so many were motivated to vote for Mr. Trump. It wasn’t ridiculous things like racist feelings and bigoted attitudes, it was the question of liberty; and with it we have a great opportunity to articulate a fundamental truth of scripture.

Personal freedom is something God chose to give us at the beginning. It’s always been central to the core of our being. Free will was so important to God that He planted “the tree” in the garden fully knowing the high price it would cost Him to redeem the disobedient. He still gives us a choice today to trust Him as Savior…or not.

Our nation’s founders understood the “self-evident” truths of freedom, and they chose liberty over dictatorship. People yearn to be free. What a time to talk about freedom in the civil sense, while also talking about freedom in the ultimate sense…freedom in Christ. It’s what made us great as a nation to start with, and is still our greatest message to the world!

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