The truth isn’t always welcome.

For example, in His hometown synagogue, Jesus read a passage from Isaiah regarding the coming Messiah. He said this to the audience:

“Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.” – Luke 4:21 NKJV

Luke tells us they marveled at His gracious words and couldn’t believe this was “Joseph’s son”. But as He continued to speak, the mood in the room changed. He mentioned that prophets aren’t accepted in their own country, and reminded them that Elijah was sent to minister to Gentiles during the severe famine. At those words, the marveling went away and anger replaced it. The feelings were so intense they tried to kill Him, but He slipped through the crowd and left. What started out as an amazed audience, turned into a murderous mob.

Sometimes the truth does that. It starts out confirming and validating what we feel or hope (gracious words from the hometown son), but then the mood changes (ready to throw Him off a cliff). Those times are crucial in the life of a disciple, because the temptation is to resist and just focus on the confirming and validating things. Paul told Timothy the scriptures are profitable for;

“…reproof, correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” – 2 Timothy 3:17 NKJV

How do you receive the Word? Is it through a filter that sifts out the unwelcome parts, or is it with readiness? The truth can sometimes be tough, but also liberating, healing, saving, protecting, hope-giving and joy-making.

“Buy the truth and don’t sell it…” – Proverbs 23:23a NKJV

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