The seed parable is a powerful illustration. Found in Luke 8:4-15, it describes four different results of the same seed falling onto the ground. A combining of the story with Jesus’ explanation paints four different pictures:

  • The Hard Soil-no fruit at all (seed stolen by the devil)
  • The Rocky Soil-grows quick, but soon withers (fell away during testing from lack of roots)
  • The Thorn-filled Soil-growth choked out by thorns (the cares and pleasures of this world preventing maturity)
  • The Good Soil-growth, maturity and fruit (a heart desiring to hear, respond, and endure)

Consider these three reminders today:

  • The seed contains life-Jesus emphasized the seed (the Word) and the soil receiving it, not the sower. The seed itself produces life, not the one handling it or the clever use of it.
  • The results aren’t up to the sower-It’s not productive to attempt forcing growth where it’s not happening, nor is it right to claim credit when it does (1 Cor. 3:6-7).
  • Time is the test-Eventually, the nature of the soil and the response to the truth will become clear; be prayerfully patient.

Be a sower. Whether it’s spoken, written, emailed or tweeted; God’s Word is life-giving. How will you share it today?

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