When praying, we must remember that God’s parental perspective is far beyond ours. As parents, we often struggle regarding “what, when and how”; but God doesn’t. He never paces the floor with worry or stays awake at night wondering, because there are no “unknowns” and “what ifs” for Him.

In Luke 11:5-13 Jesus speaks of how a friend gives bread to a neighbor and then compares it to a good parent giving the right things. The “ask, seek, and knock” phrase in the middle of the story (v. 9) gets quoted much, but consider the bigger picture. God’s provision is perfect. It’s not about asking louder, seeking differently, or knocking harder; it’s about confidence in the character of the One we’re asking. He hears with genuine compassion, then chooses what, when and how to respond with our best interests in mind.

Are you asking for something today? Don’t lose faith because of time passing, or circumstances changing. He knows. He’s not forgotten. And you can trust His heart…always.

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