The Return of Mommy Guilt

Dear Moms,

Sunday was your day. There was honor and recognition; and as it should be, we celebrated you. By now though, it’s back to the work, worry, and wishing for more time in the day before collapsing on the couch or bed. And with the celebration over, that pesky thing called “mommy guilt” may be returning. Over the years in ministry, I’ve heard moms talk about various feelings of guilt associated with motherhood, and if that’s happening to you, please consider a few thoughts today:

  • There really is only one of you – Contrary to popular belief, there were no extra hours added to the clock when you brought your first “bundle of joy” home. The daily limit of 24 hours forces us all to make choices. The cyclical nature of a day is a creation of God, and is for our benefit. Make your decisions based on the right priorities before the Lord, then choose not to worry over the rest. Once you do, don’t let circumstances or people cause you to second-guess your choices.
  • Don’t give up on discipline – Being consistent with discipline can cause all kinds of anxiety. The fear of being the “mean parent”, or the threat of the “silent treatment” from a teen can bring a strong temptation to give in. And yes, the same kid that gave you a sweet card on Sunday, can also be the one defying you today. Proper discipline is born from a heart of love. The Bible teaches that the Lord corrects us because He loves us, and wants the best for us (Proverbs 3:12). Please don’t give in, (they really will be better off for it).
  • Leave the results to the Lord – There is a natural inclination to feel responsible for the “end-result” of our parenting choices; but the truth is, we’re responsible for the parenting, not the end-result. Our job is to teach, model, and reinforce the truth. There is a point where our children must own their faith, and own their choices. Our culture doesn’t teach personal responsibility anymore, but those of us in the family of God must because it’s a biblical principle. Yes, continue to love your kids and invest in them, but trust the Lord and leave the results to Him.

Moms, thank you for holding our families, our churches and our society together. You’re often the unsung hero behind many personal stories. Please don’t let guilt rob you of joy today, and please keep doing what you’re doing!

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