One of the most nagging questions on the journey of faith is “Why?”

It hangs around waiting for an opportunity to jump into our thoughts during life’s struggles. It can be relentless and over the centuries, believers in every generation have wrestled with it. Sometimes the answers come, but when they don’t, the first casualty is hope. The scripture records much about hope; hope lost, hope found, hope weakened and hope strengthened.

For the believer, hope is not only based on experience, but also tied to promises. Warren Wiersbe says, “We live on promises not explanations.” What are the promises? There are many, but here are two for today:

  • First, Jesus says to us, My grace is sufficient… – 2 Corinthians 12:9
  • Second, Jesus’ presence is, …the hope of glory. – Colossians 1:27

His graciousness permeates everything. When we consider how all-encompassing His grace is toward us the “Why?” question becomes less important. In addition to that, as we consider the depth of His compassion, hope begins to appear again as His presence braces-up the shaky timbers of our soul.

Do you need hope? Jesus says He will never forsake us, and that means especially in the middle of the battle, or during a struggle with “why?”. When we are weak, He is strong. May your heart be filled with hope…today

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