Jesus’ mission was based on a heavenly schedule.

He would minister for a time in a certain area, then move on. At the beginning, He was in Judea, and as He left to go back to Galilee, there’s a small travel note:

“But He needed to go through Samaria.” – John 4:4 NKJV

The reason of course, was a strategically planned water-break. When He arrived at the city, He started a conversation with a woman drawing water and eventually met the whole village. There’s much to learn from the dialogue, and the story reveals a golden thread woven throughout; Jesus loved talking to people. He knew the kindling for a spiritual fire would be inside of the woman, and He was going to light it. He spoke truth to her with a spirit of love like she had never known. She couldn’t contain her joy! Her testimony impacted the entire village. Jesus spent two days with them…and the disciples watched and learned.

Who has receptive ears around you? Perhaps they’re the “friendly” ears of a young believer who’s eager to learn. Maybe they’re the ears of a “seeker” who asks questions from time to time. It could even be one who doesn’t necessarily seem interested, but on the inside, has dry kindling for a spiritual fire.

What dialogue do you need to have today? Jesus loved conversations. He still does and will guide ours if we’ll let Him.

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  1. Jesus always had/has time for people… May we be the same! Great exhortation, Chris!

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