Storms are powerful displays of nature, and when seasons change, the weather can get nasty. In our personal life, “changing winds” can also bring a storm. In the Gospels, there’s a pivotal moment where the disciples sailed into rough seas while Jesus slept; and they were petrified. From their perspective, the crashing waves would destroy their boat at any moment…but then Jesus spoke:

“Peace, be still!” – Mark 4:39a NKJV

Instantly there was calm, astonishment, gratitude, worship, bewilderment…and a deep realization of the presence of ALMIGHTY GOD!

Do you see dark clouds forming on the horizon of your life today? Perhaps you’re already in the middle of a raging storm and your boat is taking on water. He alone can speak calm into your soul. The disciples admitted their fear. They even questioned His concern for their safety, but they were never in real danger because Jesus was in the boat. Is He in your life today? If so, He’s near. Call out to Him and listen for His powerful words…”Peace, be still!”

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