Pride and fear can build walls of separation. There was a woman in the Gospels who’d suffered from a bleeding affliction for twelve years. In addition to the obvious physical challenges, she would have also been considered perpetually “unclean” according to Jewish law, (limiting her worship activities).

When Jesus came near, she saw an opportunity to be healed. However, it was unthinkable in that day for an unclean person to expect physical interaction with a rabbi…so she sneaked a touch. Reaching through the chaos of the crowd, she made contact with Jesus’ clothes; and healing power surged through her body. When He turned to inquire about the touch, she fell at His feet trembling, but Jesus said this:

“Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction.” – Mark 5:34 NKJV

Sometimes there’s fear in the “reaching”. Sometimes pride prevents an extension of the hand to admit we need Him. But the truth is, we NEED Him! His healing power is available and His grace can cleanse a dirty life. What do you need to reach out for today? There’s nothing like the touch of the Master!

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