Godly discernment looks beyond the obvious.

“Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.” – John 7:24 NKJV

When Jesus spoke those words, He was being accused of blaspheming Jewish law. Obviously, Jesus knew the Law given to Moses (and was not violating it), but there was a fundamental lack of discernment on the part of many to see beyond the surface. However, there are also examples in the gospels of people taking time to pursue what may not be readily understood.

Consider Jesus’ mother Mary and Nicodemus. First, on several occasions, Mary is said to be “pondering these things in her heart”. She didn’t understand exactly what was happening, but her heart was searching for God’s truth. Second, Nicodemus was an educated leader of the Jews (and the one in John Ch. 3 asking Jesus about eternal life). He is mentioned several times and eventually takes part in anointing Jesus’ body while laying it to rest. Neither Mary nor Nicodemus had every detail in advance, but their hearts were tender to God’s voice and were given heavenly insight as time progressed.

Are there things today you don’t understand? It’s okay to ask questions. Mary and Nicodemus both asked questions (that’s what produced Mary’s wonderful exchange with the angel and the great verse of John 3:16). Questions aren’t the problem, it’s the heart behind the questions that can be. Insight from the Lord is a very precious commodity, and seeking it first is always the best course of action. Are you seeking His insight today?

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