Jesus understands the human condition.

And it isn’t some kind of divine pity, it’s a thorough, all-encompassing, “been-there-felt-that”, loving compassion. Consider the shortest verse in the Bible:

 Jesus wept.” – John 11:35 NKJV

The context of the verse was Lazarus’ death and a conversation with Martha and Mary. So, ponder this for a moment; if Jesus knew He would soon bring Lazarus back, why the emotion? He was about to fix everything, right? Well, the Bible doesn’t necessarily give a detailed explanation of the “why”, but consider what we do know;

  • He loved them very much (v. 11:5)
  • He knew the crushing weight of their sorrow and identified with their grief (“A Man of Sorrows…” Is. 53:3)
  • He knew Lazarus would be leaving the glory of heaven to come back to a sick and broken world
  • He knew their perception was limited (v. 11:21)

We can only imagine what He was thinking about at that moment, but one thing’s for sure; the Creator stood among the created, looked deep into their eyes, saw their broken hearts, and wept with them.

Our Shepherd loves us very much, and literally knows what it is to be human. So, Child of God, if you weep; never think you’re alone in your struggle.

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