Milk & Honey

The phrase “Land Flowing with Milk & Honey” is sometimes used as a metaphor to represent a “rich reward”. Originally, it was a word-picture given to the Hebrews by God to describe the Promised Land, because their future home was already well-cultivated, and full of livestock, honey-bees, fruit trees, and vineyards. However, there was an interesting event when they ate their first meal on the western side of the Jordan River; the manna ceased (Joshua 5:11-12). Of course, with the desert journey over, the manna wasn’t needed anymore, but consider the reality of it. Without manna, there would be no dependable schedule for bread ingredients each morning. They would have more variety, but would have to trust the Lord for rain, and His protection against enemies, and pestilence.

In our faith journey, there are moments when God wants to move us from manna to a more rewarding existence, but fear prevents it. The generation of Hebrews that left Egypt refused to give up the manna and safety of the desert to enter the Promised Land. They preferred to avoid the risk of defeat and eat the manna bread while longing to go back to the great food and “good ole days” of Egypt. Their children would be the ones to enter the land and the memory of the “Exodus Generation” would forever be tied to unbelief (except for Caleb and Joshua).

What is God leading you to trust Him for today? Perhaps there’s a change to make, a person to approach, a relationship to walk away from, something to admit, a conversation that needs to happen, or a “manna-crutch” needing to be let go.

Joshua was one that appreciated the manna but looked forward to God’s promise of more because he trusted the Lord. May we do the same today.

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