The Simple Truth

Someone taking a “literal” approach to the Christian life is often considered simple and unsophisticated. There’s even a growing number of pastors who’ve abandoned a traditional interpretation of scripture in favor of a more tolerant view of cultural standards. It may seem like a modern development, but it’s just old heresies repackaged. Consider what Paul said in his closing thoughts to the Romans:

“…I want you to be wise in what is good, and simple concerning evil.” – Romans 16:19b NKJV

As followers of Christ, we’re not to be comfortable with sin. That doesn’t mean we separate ourselves off into a commune, but we do separate ourselves in lifestyle. Yes, that may invite accusations of being “weird” or “one of those”, but Paul prefaces the words in verse 16, with a commendation to those who are obedient. He also said to “note” those who teach things contrary to the Word of God and avoid them (v.17). They aren’t to get “equal time” in the name of inclusiveness, lest they deceive others (v.18).

What kind of teaching are you listening to? Does it challenge you to go deeper into the scriptures? Does it encourage Christlikeness? Or does it attempt to polish a worldly lifestyle into something acceptable as “Christian”? May we be “wise in what is good” and “simple concerning evil” today.

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