Spiritual Symptom Relief

“I just want to feel better…” seems like our modern approach to spiritual matters, as well as physical. Consider our “symptom relief” strategy to the common cold. Since we don’t have a cure, we struggle through with pain relief, decongestants, etc. while waiting for our immune system to do its work. If we’re not careful, we apply the same protocol to issues facing us as believers.

In personal/relationship “colds”, God’s word is the main ingredient for building a strong immune system. Many books offer temporary relief, but soon wear off, allowing the “symptoms” to return. Only God’s truth can bring spiritual health. His word is not only comforting, but also challenging. He calls us to repentance, righteousness, service, and spiritual fruit. In the process, our inner being is strengthened, equipped & aligned with His purpose. Looking for answers in His Word may not be the cultural choice, but it’s the right choice…and you may even “feel better…”

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...husband, dad, pastor, teacher, and chronic day-dreamer
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