Life Paraphrased…

Recently, I overheard my son reading a children’s book to himself. He knew all the characters in the story, and hit the major points correctly, but the details were off…way off. Since his reading ability is still limited, he basically uses the pictures and makes it up as he goes. He strongly narrates the good parts, while changing others to match his imagination. Sometimes he even skips whole pages altogether.

Listening to his “artistic license” I wondered, “Do I do that with the Bible?” Do I really live according to the scripture as written, or am I content with a “paraphrased version” of the Christian life? Am I an authentic disciple, or do I attempt to customize the Lord’s commands, and make it up as I go?

It’s true, there are passages of scripture I don’t understand, and hard truths I struggle with, but we’re called to follow. My prayer is to be a disciple, even when I would rather change the story, or skip pages. The good news is, Jesus promised to be with us (reading over our shoulder so to speak) and I’m so glad He is!

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