Sand or Stone?

Green Energy, Tolerance, Social Justice, etc…sound familiar? They’re the noble causes capturing the imagination of a generation. The overtones are everywhere. As believers, what should our response be?

Well, pondering that, I recalled something from our beach trip. The kids were playing, and writing their names in the sand. Since they were at the water’s edge, the waves would come and wash the letters away. Quickly they would write again…same results. In so many ways, as a culture, that’s our plan.

Amazingly, the “Summer of Love” propelled millions to change the world, but our planet still needs “rescued”. Massive numbers of that generation poured into law school, education, politics, and various social endeavors, but yet here we are. The waves of time are washing away the names and the sand castles, but we’re not the first.

The ancients tried it too. Remember the Tower on the plains of Shinar(Gen. 11:1-9), and the quest to “make a name for themselves”. God confused their language, and now we call it Babel. It’s right there in scripture to behold, but I often speed by it as a “children’s story”, missing the powerful teaching. Truth is, we’re all inclined to work hard at making a name for ourselves, while ignoring obedience to God.

So what should we say about:

  • Social Justice? Mankind is born broken, and any attempt to address those ills apart from scripture is futile. The redemptive power of the Holy Spirit is the only remedy for broken lives, and hopelessness.
  • Environmental Issues? Stewardship-this is God’s creation. He’s charged us to manage it, but we’ve done a poor job. The planet doesn’t need saving, but the Creator deserves acknowledgement and worship. The truth of Genesis trumps any socialistic strategy for utopia.
  • Peace? There are no political solutions to the root causes of conflict, only postponement. The superlative message concerning peace, is personal peace through Christ.
  • Political Solutions? Make your voice heard, vote according to the leadership of the Holy Spirit, but trust no one to be the savior…we already have one.

I’m less inclined than ever to believe our leaders will make the right decisions. That thought can be depressing if I let it, but I’m choosing to stand on the Rock. His words are true, and His promises are unwavering. Sand is great for a beach, but poor for a foundation…ask the foolish man in Matt. 7:27.

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