Three Reminders from Elijah’s Road Trip

Elijah was a mighty Prophet of God. He witnessed spectacular, dramatic and powerful displays of God’s power. However, Elijah was “a man with a nature just like ours” (James 5:17). Even though we’re not calling fire from heaven, there are a few things we need to remember from Elijah’s life. In particular, a few things from his sudden road trip after that little incident with the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel.

1. God gives us what we need.

When Elijah ran off to the wilderness (under threat from Ahab & Jezebel), he journeyed for a day and fell asleep under a tree. As he slept, an angel woke him up and gave him fresh baked bread and water. He ate, was refreshed and fell back asleep. It was a simple meal, but totally satisfying.

Reminder: Don’t expect a banquet; rejoice in God’s provision for the moment.

2. God gives us what we need for the next step.

While Elijah slept, the angel woke him again, gave him instructions to eat one more time, “and he went in the strength of that food for 40 days”. The 40 day journey was of the Lord’s leading, and the angel said “it was too great” for Elijah so an extra boost was needed (1 Kings 19:7).

Reminder: God provides for the next step according to His lead; not ours.

3. God gives us what we need to correct our course.

When Elijah got to Horeb, he took shelter in a cave; but God called him out of the cave to ask why he was there. Elijah described how he was the only faithful person left in Israel. And God responded with an incredible rock-splitting wind, a powerful ground-shaking earthquake, and a blazing fire. However, God wasn’t in any of them. He revealed Himself afterwards in a “still small voice”; describing 7,000 more Hebrews who remained faithful and Elijah’s next steps as Prophet (1 Kings 19:11-18).

Reminder: The voice of God is often a quiet whisper; in contrast to what we assume to be true.

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