A Rainbow Reminds Me Of…

With major companies changing their websites and Instagram accounts to include colorful arrays, here are five things the rainbow reminds me of:

  1. Beauty – looking up after a raincloud’s passing and seeing the colors displayed vividly across the sky reminds me of God’s creative power.
  2. Eternity – seeing a complete rainbow, (for example, looking out a plane window or misting water into the air on a sunny day) reveals a complete circle. With no beginning or end, it reminds me of God’s eternal nature- The Alpha and Omega (Revelation 1:8).
  3. Diversity – God could have made us colorblind, with one skin tone; but He created different races with the ability to see color (except for that one kid I knew in school who never wore the same color socks).
  4. Glory – Ezekiel and John both describe the majestic glory of God manifested in many ways, and among them is a brilliant rainbow, “And He who sat there was like jasper and a sardius stone in appearance; and there was a rainbow around the throne , in appearance like an emerald.” – Revelation 4:3 NKJV
  5. Salvation – After the Great Flood, God placed a rainbow in the sky as a covenant with mankind to never destroy the earth with water again (Genesis 9:8-17). It’s a steady reminder of the story of Noah; that God is holy and righteous, cannot tolerate sin, and has provided an escape from eternal destruction for anyone who fears Him and places their faith in Christ (Heb. 11:7).

God owns the rainbows; we would all do well to think of Him when we see one.

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2 Responses to A Rainbow Reminds Me Of…

  1. selah says:

    it grieves me that the rainbow has become part of the pride movement.. thank the Lord that my granddaughter was taught from toddler the line from a sunday school song called Mr. Noah Built An Ark that goes “whenever you see a rainbow remember God is love” but I changed it to “God loves you.”


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