Being Grieved Over Sin Doesn’t Make You a Bigot

flagThere’s a collective sadness sweeping over our beloved country. It isn’t hate-filled, small-minded, or nostalgic; it’s grief. It’s a genuine, heart-felt, deep-in-the-soul sigh over legal affirmation of sin.

Of course that statement probably offends some, but the desire isn’t to offend. I submit today that the millions of Christians in America who are grieved over our national trajectory are the very people who live their daily lives in a way as to not offend those around them. They’re people who say please and thank-you, welcome new neighbors (even the ones who don’t look like them), and try to avoid conflict. However, societal change is bringing a cultural mindset that if you don’t affirm everyone’s choices, you’re automatically a bigot; and that’s wrong.

The operative word today seems to be “love”. And it’s being used by many as a hammer to beat all opinions into conformity (otherwise you’re not showing love). But I submit that love is the very thing that drives many of us to our knees. Love for our country, love for all our countrymen and love for the precious truths of God’s Word that’s being set-aside for a post-modern, apostate version.

So if you’re one who’s grieving, please don’t feel alone. There are millions who are and here are three reminders to take with you;

  1. Your prayers are heard. We have the awesome privilege of entering into the Holiest place in heaven (Heb. 10:19) to share our hearts, and even when we don’t know what to pray, the Holy Spirit prays for us (Romans 8:26-27)-so keep praying.
  2. The Lord knows. God is not unaware or ambivalent to the affairs on earth; quite the opposite. He knows, He cares and He takes action according to His sovereign will (Ex. 33:19, Psalm 135:6).
  3. This isn’t really home. Yes, our nation is historically amazing, but our eternal home isn’t here; it’s with our Savior, in His Kingdom. So as sojourners, let’s cheerfully put our trust is the One who’s overcome the world, and its challenges (John 16:33).

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